Advice about crank set for GT Legato 4.0

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I've bust the splines on my gear side crank (cheap tool kit!>?).

So I'm after a new bottom bracket and cranks - preferable ones that will connect to the triple chain ring form my Legato - this one: ... egato+4.0+

Alternatively - I can buy new chainrings too - but am very price sensitive (the bike cost me £100!?)

Hence I'm looking for any recommendations / advice - I'm into ebay and second hand - but don't want to fall off my bike and land under a lorry.

Yours, hopefully, David


  • gozzy
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    By the sounds of it your best bet is a 2nd hand square taper triple crank set and a square taper bottom bracket. Or just the crank arms, and transfer the chain rings.

    You'll need to remove the old BB to find out what size bb you need for the frame.

    Square taper should be easily available, reasonably cheap and works just fine.
  • Hi

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    How might I get crank arms?

    I need the silver bit in this image: 51woTYYDIVL._SL500_.jpg
    ... but the ones I have are black - like this product_446130.jpg ... but five spoked, with the chainrings attached to the crank on the inside of the spider spokes.

    Any thoughts on where I might get one of these - I just need the drive side crank.

    Many thanks, David
  • gozzy
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    eBay, one of the categories in bike components is crank arms. Search for triple and the same length as yours, length should be stamped on the inside of the crank arm, by the pedal thread and will most likely be 170 or 172.5 or 175mm.

    Five spoked are road, four are mountain bike, chain ring fittings are the same within each discipline, so if you buy a five spoked triple crank arm it will be fine.