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Bike Light Strips

mr_eddymr_eddy Posts: 775
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I have had an idea (turns out my idea has been commercially available for a while), I am planning on getting some LED strip lights - the kind with adhesive tape and then making my own bike lights. I plan to get 2 x 30cm strips in red for the rear stays and 2 x 30cm strips for the front forks with white light. Each strip light runs off 2xAA batteries in a little battery box.

The LED strips are fully water proof (they can be used inside a fish tank!) however I am not sure how best to tackle the switches. The battery boxes have a little rocker switch on them to turn the lights on and off, I am no electronics whizz so could I just take the cable away from the little switch and extend the cable with some standard thin gauge electrical wiring run it under my top tube via a couple of zip ties and then run each pair of lights into a simple push on/off switch. I thought I could drill a couple of holes in the handlebar and have the switches mounted as bar end plugs ?

Any reason why the above won't work ? Also how easy would it be to convert the battery boxes so all 4 run off either CR2032's or a single 9V battery ?

I know I can get a commercial kit but its close to £100 whereas my solution including all components is £20

Thoughts ?
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