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Giant XTC 3.5 RockShox Tora 302 replacement

ukleer0yukleer0y Posts: 4
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looking to replace my Rockshox Tora 302 on the XTC 3.5. Im pretty handy with my bike, such as brake bleeding, chain and cassette replacement etc, but not sure about forks. Im not familiar with sizings etc, but can anyone recommend a replacement set? I would like to keep a remote lock out option(which failed on my Toras after about 4 months). Are these easy to replace?

Thanks, Lee.


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    Forks are easy to replace, but Giants can have some whacky sizes for the steerer that can create major issues, I'm not an expert on what Giant is 'normal' and which are weird!
  • The frame has a 44mm headtube so you can buy a fork with a standard 1 1/8" steerer or you could get a fork with a tapered 1 1/8" - 1.5" steerer tube if you use a special Cane Creek Conversion Headset Lower, (with a standard upper) like this: (40.EC44 Lower Assembly)

    Something like a Rockshox 30 Gold would be a nice upgrade and isn't too expensive. Comes with a tapered steerer which would add stiffness, it's an air fork so it's lighter and more adjustable as well.

    Something to bear in mind is that the extra stack height with the conversion headset, would slacken the headangle, but only slightly.
  • ukleer0yukleer0y Posts: 4
    Thanks Rookie and TheRealGuybrush

    Ill be honest, most of that went over my head. Since my Steerer is 1 1/8 and the Rockshox is also 1 1/8 I can just purchase the 30 Gold and that will be a straight swap with no other parts needed? Not dabbled with forks and steering before so not sure how it all bolts togethor.

  • ukleer0yukleer0y Posts: 4
    Done alot of googling and understand. Seems you can by the 30s in both Standard or tapered etc, just need to find out what im using. But either way I could use both if I purchase the headsets for the tapered version.

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