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29ER Tyre Advice (XC)

indyjonesindyjones Posts: 114
edited June 2014 in MTB buying advice
Sorry starting up one of the dreaded ‘what tyre’ threads. I live on the Isle of Wight and I am lucky to have loads of rides round me. The problem is I have not found the right tyre combination.

The trails are a mixture of dirt, forests (with rooty sections), to hard chalk and flint sections on the downs.
I have a Trek Superfly which I have run tubeless with Bontranger 29-1 2.1 tyres which roll great by I have lost two fronts from flints (sidewalls), also I am not sure if the front is quite chunky enough. During the winter I have run a pair of Continental Mountain King 2.2 tyres but they are so slow on the hardstuff (I do ride a bit on the tarmac linking up the trails).

What do you recommend please? Leaving the mountain king on the front and something faster on the back?
I Happy to try a new tyre combo but needs to be fast rolling and pretty robust for the chalk and flints.

Thank you!
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