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Ridley, Ribble or Scott

chippykchippyk Posts: 529
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I've about 2 grand burning a hole in my shell suit and I'd like some advice whether to blow it on,

A Ribble Gran Fondo with Ultegra and some half decent wheels
A Ridley Noah with 10spd Ultegra and Fulcrum wheels in my LBS
A Scott Foil 15 with 11spd Di2 and some lightish wheela

I have a Bianchi Via Nirone Veloce with Campag Zonda wheels at the moment and want something carbon and nice for 100 mile plus rides and Ironman distance races., I can't go too racy or TT bike because my back isn't bendy after an Op 3 years ago.

Thoughts and alternatives would be welcome. Ta!


  • borisfaceborisface Posts: 273
    Can't comment on the others (never liked Ridleys) but its gotta be the Scott for me. I bought one 6 weeks or so ago and its great. The ride is very firm but not uncomfortable. It climbs well and descends awesomely, I am noticeably quicker downhill as it feels so rooted and it flies round corners. I did a 100 mile mountainous (5,000m) granfondo in 35 degrees a couple of weeks ago just under 6 hrs riding and it was fine. Didn't feel beat up at all, a bit thirsty at the end mind. Lots of people on here have taken advantage of the cycledivision/westbrooks deal of a gruppo and frameset, which is a very very good price. Everyone agrees that ride is not harsh.

    Stuck some zondas on mine, no real point upgrading unless you race, spend silly money or ride tubs, as they represent best bang for the buck. I wanted something that was sturdy, light and reliable. It would look really good with some 38 or 50mm rims but I live in the mountains and so full carbon isn't an option because of the braking and deep alu/carbon or alu are just too heavy.

    Just for your info fulcrum is owned by campagnolo - a fulcrum 3 is a zonda with a different spoke lacing.

    TBH di2 is a luxury rather than a necessity. It works great, feels nice etc and never misses a shift but then I didn't with what I had before: SRAM force which is a good bit lighter. If I was buying again, unless I got a great deal, I wouldn't bother with it. The new ultegra brakes are superb - best I've ever used.

    One downside with the scott is that it ain't super light mine is c. 7.5kgs for an XL. I'm guessing if I wanted I could shave another 500gs off that with a lighter saddle, wheels and tyres and £700.

    Another option is a scott CR1, supposed to be a bit more forgiving. ... id360.html
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