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Gear and brake cables

birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
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I'm having all sort of shifting problems and it's quite a while since my cables were changed (3.5k+ miles). I want to do it myself but I have absolutely no idea what I need to buy.

I have a Cube Agree GTC from 2012, any help would be appreciated.
2012 Cube Agree GTC


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    This :- ... 5360446424

    and this:- ... cable-set/

    These sets will come with all the ferrules and terminals you need.

    Plus a good quality set of cable cutters. Don't be tempted to scrimp on these as poor quality cutters will leave you with a shed load of problems from frayed inners and crushed/ deformed outers.

    The Park Tools model seems to get good reviews:- ... rrency=GBP
  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    Thanks for the reply. My bike currently has Jagwire inline adjusters at the headset. Are these unnecessary?

    Thankfully I already have that Park Tools cable cutter, needed it to crimp a cable end when I fitted new calipers without changing my cables.
    2012 Cube Agree GTC
  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Can't see the need for an in line barrel adjuster on the rear derailleur cable as the barrel adjuster at the rear derailleur should give you all the adjustment scope you need. Maybe a bit more argument for one on the front derailleur cable as there is no corresponding adjuster at the derailleur.

    Personally I have only rarely needed to use any adjustment on the front derailleur cable once it has been set up properly ( downtube barrel adjuster in this case). However it may be better to fit an adjuster on the front derailleur cable so that you have it as a fall back.
  • birdie23birdie23 Posts: 457
    Thanks, I've never actually used them on my current cables. In fact all they've been good for is rubbing against other things (including my front brake, damaging the screw thread there) and eventually looking terribly damaged!
    2012 Cube Agree GTC
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