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Servicing a Fox FIT CTD fork

rapid_donkeyrapid_donkey Posts: 448
edited June 2014 in MTB workshop & tech
Im going to do a lower leg service/oil change on my forks, 2013 Fox 32 Float 140 CTD with FIT cartridge.

I serviced my old 2011 Fox Float F125 RL fork before ok, remove lowers, clean, refill with green 10wt oil and put back together.

Im having a bit of trouble with these CTD forks though. Using the fox oil volume chart, Im unsure which are my forks, number 32 or 52? ... olumes.htm

Also, it appears you add fox red 10wt oil to the damper, aswell as green 10wt oil to both legs. Will it become obvious when the fork is apart where the red oil goes? Only had to refill the lowers with green before.



  • rapid_donkeyrapid_donkey Posts: 448
    Think I have found the answer, the red 10wt oil is used during the FIT cartridge service, something separate to just a lower leg service/oil change?
    I don't plan to mess around with dampers or anything yet. Just want to make sure the right oil amount is in the legs and that the wiper rings are lubed.
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