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Long distance bib shorts (ladies)

CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
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I looking for some long-distance bib shorts. I've got some padded shorts but while they are good on short rides they don't cut it for anything longer than a about an hour.

I've spent hours reading reviews, blogs etc but reviews on women shorts seem a bit of an afterthought. After finally making a decision I read a review saying that they aren't suitable for long rides.

So, to anyone with experience what would you recommend?

I need women's bib shorts, fairly cool, up to around £100, and most importantly suitable for rides around 5 hrs.



  • typekittytypekitty Posts: 188
    I've got several I rotate through (dhb and Tactic) but currently I'm sticking with the Wiggle team dhb shorts ... bib-short/ They are comfy, not see-through and they fit like a glove (I'm 5'10, about 78kg). They also seem to handle lots of wear and washing really well.

    Apparently the best pad out there is Rapha but not a fan of the full zip in front – can image in gets warm in high summer and also looks to be a massive pain when in need of a comfort break (and it's above budget).

    Personally, I find that I can get away with any half-decent bib if I have a good saddle, proper bike fit and chamois cream.
  • I have just bought a pair of Chapeau womens red carbonium Bibs, heard great things about them, going to test them over 100k on Sunday so will report back!
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  • CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
    Nice. I looked at those but I want sure how good they would be. I've got one of their tops and I love it.

    After lots of research I went for the Etxeondo Women's Olaia Bib Short. They're still quote new but I've used them for a few 2+ hr rides and I've been more than happy with them. I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for some bib shorts.

    The only problem is they have made my other shorts feel rather uncomfortable.
  • did any of you did a biking holiday in spain? Where why what?
  • FrannybobsFrannybobs Posts: 20
    There was an article in Cycling Active a couple of months ago and it compared about 12 or so women's bib shorts. I'm thinking of taking the plunge and getting some for weekend rides, don't need them for my 8 mile commute. Did you get any in the end, Cyclum? I can dig the article out and let you know what came top?
  • CyclumCyclum Posts: 104

    Yeah. I posted above. After hours of research I went for the Etxeondo Women's Olaia Bib Short. I was only planning on wearing them for long journeys as my commute is only about 9 miles each way too, but they're so comfy I find myself wearing them on every ride I can get away with it for.

    One downside is that is made my old faithful padded sports seem really uncomfortable. :-)
  • jaxfjaxf Posts: 109
    after trying DHB, Altura, Pearl, Sportful, I now think that my cheapest option is Assos and Rapha. By cheapest, I mean per wear - they last for may years of hard riding, and allied with greater comfort, I can bring myself to pay the high initial price. I guess it's like this - the most expensive things I own are those that I just won't wear, or regret every time I do.
    I prefer shorts to bibs, owing to I prefer longer rides and it's easier to pee in shorts. Assos has the better pad (prefer orange to turquoise) for my shape, but everyone's different. I do NOT like the Assos bibs with the special garotte you in mid ride feature which they claim is to make it easier for you to have a pee, but doesn't work for that, but does unclip itself unexpectedly. The lalalai is excellent.
  • I can confirm my aforementioned Chapeau Red Carbonium are indeed quite awesome! Look good, feel good, no drama's at all. Felt great after a day in the saddle!
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  • mrushtonmrushton Posts: 5,182
    Rapha, waist or bib are preferred here. Expensive yes but not if they are right for you
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