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Buying advice - Ridley Fenix C20

newbikerrrnewbikerrr Posts: 2
edited June 2014 in Road buying advice
I'm able to buy a ridley fenix c20 (with ultegra gear) for $2200 which seems like a great price.

I'm a newbie road-biker, so im looking for some advice
1) I'm 6´2, so i assume a Large would fit me? Unfortually i wont be able to try the bike. I've also heard that ridley are big in sizes.
2) Is it stupid to buy a carbon frame as a beginner? Are carbon frame more fragile (e.g. if i fall with the bike, will the frame break?)
3) Anything else? I just bought a felt f85, which i will be able to sell for about $1k.

I dont really "need" the bike, but since this great deal came up (it retails for double the price here), i figured that maybe i should go ahead and thus buy a bike i can grow into.
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