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Fault in new saddle

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I bought a new saddle today, a Specialized Avatar for £55, but I have noticed there is a visible crease on the side of the saddle. When I run my finger over it there is a slight lump. I have tried to press it down in case it was just the gel needing flattening out, but it is still there. I've not ridden on it yet, but am thinking I should take it back to the shop to change it as it may cause rubbing when I pedal or eventually weaken and split the covering. As I can see the crease I think it will continue to bug me. Am I being too fussy or should I change it?


  • arlowoodarlowood Posts: 2,561
    Take it back and get it changed. If you keep it you will always be plagued by the thought of the crease.

    Don't attempt to ride it or the shop may argue that you caused the problem. Goods have to be of serviceable quality and you should expect them to swap it if there is a chance that the crease will affect the comfort.
  • Take it back - I have had three Avatars and none were like that.
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    Try it - if it bothers you / affects the performance of the saddle then take it back.
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