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S-Works Tarmac

ColinthecopColinthecop Posts: 996
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Finally finished my self build -


Frame: S-Works Tarmac SL
Forks: Carbon
Bars: S-Works carbon 42cm
Stem: S-Works carbon
Headset: Yes
Bar Tape: Fizik - the alcantara type

Front Brake Lever: Ulterga 6700
Front Caliper: Ultegra 6700
Rear Brake Lever: Ultegra 6700
Rear Caliper: Ultegra 6700

Cables: Shimano
Front Mech: Ultegra 6700
Rear Mech: Ultegra 6700

Seat: Specialized Toupe
Seat Post: Specialized Carbon
Seat Post Clamp: Yes

Cranks: Ultegra 6700
Chainring(s): Ultegra Compact
Chain: Shimano
Cassette: 11 - 28
Pedals: 520's
Bottom Bracket: Ultegra

Front Wheel: American Classic aero 30
Tire: Hutchinson Equinox

Back Wheel: Same

Accessories: Mini Wedgie

Weight: Don't know - but a lot less than my Allez

Other info: My first attempt at building a bike or any sort of bike maintenance. Particularly impressed with my bar taping, that turned out surprisingly well - Thank You Youtube.
All built on the cheap with bargains from Ebay and here, only new bits were the BB, chain and shifters.


  • Did you figure out the BB in the end?
  • ColinthecopColinthecop Posts: 996
    Not really, still a bit of a mystery.... :?

    My frame has the english threaded BB so I plumped for the Shimano Ultegra one. Other than that, I still wouldn't know what a BB30 is if it hit me in the face.... :lol:
  • Probably need to straighten those bars, and how do you find riding without pedals?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • ColinthecopColinthecop Posts: 996
    It's okay downhill.... Anything else is a nightmare. :?

    I'm still tweaking it as I go but I felt the bars were okay so far, mind you, the pic does make them look like they've drooped a bit.
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