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Mondraker Fox shock bush lubrication

Baldeagle690Baldeagle690 Posts: 5
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Hi all

New to the forum. Have a Mondraker Factor RR 2012. I had the top shock bolt fall out last weekend and have no problem with mechanics as I ride and race motorbikes too. I tightened it back in but it unscrewed again and it was 'creaking' when I pedalled so something not right.
I've now taken it apart and the top bush was dead tight on the pin although I managed to push it out.
There is no sign of ever having had lubricant in there but there is a red coating (no it's not rust), and due to there being fancy types of metals these days (Phosphor Bronze springs to mind) I don't know whether I should be putting grease in there or maybe something else?
Also how would I know what torque setting to do the bolt to? I would rather have the correct setting rather than use the standard steel/ally torque setting I would use.
I assume I would use threadlock on it as there's no locknut?
And yes I haven't cleaned it :D


  • nicklousenicklouse Posts: 81,520 Lives Here
    No need to lube.
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  • Thanks, guess it is phos bronze or something then, will just clean up. Guess you don't know what torque for 10mm into alloy?
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