Cipollini Logos + KTM Revelator + Trigon TR235

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Built yesterday, probably will require tweaking but suffering with groggy throat at the moment so not been out on if yet to test
Cipollini Logos ISP Medium Frameset
Cosmic Carbon SLS Wheelset fitted with mavics own tyres.
Ultegra 6870 Di2 Groupset
Fizik Arionne Saddle Manganese Rails
3T Pro Stem 110mm (17 Degrees -Error here as I didn't realise what I ordered and may change to 6) will see how current set up rides first though.
3T Pro Bars 44Cm
Shimano 530 SPD pedals - (these are heavy but I prefer to use these due to suffering DVT last year)

Weighs just below 8kg with the pedals and these are almost half a kilo..
I'm sure you weight weenies will cringe but I like what I see at the moment.
Will put some more pictures up when I feel a tad better
Chainset swapped out for Rotor 3D and stem changed


  • MountainMonster
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    Wow, that thing is crazy looking, in a good way.

    I really like it!
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    Looks sweet. Swap that stem because with a 6deg you can cut that whole spacer stack and have it looking really mean.
  • shipley
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    Wow....stunning !
  • smokey_bacon
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    I love Cipo bikes. This one is a top notch example.
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    If you moved the seat any further back you would be sat right over the rear hub. Thats an aggresive geometry if ever I saw one
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    I love Cipo bikes. This one is a top notch example.
    ^^^this x 2^^^
    Cipollini Bond
    Pinarello GAN
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    A-ma-zing, if it rides as good as it looks.........: )
  • Nairnster
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    Like that a lot.

    How do those pedals help with having had DVT?

    Hope you feel better soon, look forward to more pics.
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    Nairnster wrote:
    Like that a lot.

    How do those pedals help with having had DVT?

    Hope you feel better soon, look forward to more pics.
    Apologies for delay in responding. Not been feeling to well (depression), having counselling, but must admit life is a bit of a struggle at the moment and cycling is the only thing giving me relief at present.
    Not 100% sure how DVT was caused, but I slipped in my normal road shoes and tore calf, felt excruciating pain but continued to ride. Got back home and couldn't walk at all next day. 3 weeks later, did the Durham Etappe and 48 hours later woke up with unbearable back pain and struggling to catch breath. didn't go docs (FOOL!!!) and didn't fully recover for weeks. Then ankle became swollen, this time visited doc who didn't think it looked to bad. Prescribed Anti inflammatory + Antibiotics. No improvement 1 month later and sent to hospital for possible DVT. This was confirmed and 6 months of Warfarin. Its destroyed me mentally and must admit its scared the life out of me. Now trying to get back to some kind of normality and rid myself of the fear that it might happen again.
    The MTB shoes that I use are quite light and a lot easier to walk about in when I'm off the bike (café stops etc).
    Cant guarantee I wont slip in these, but I feel a lot safer in them.
    More pictures on the way
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    More pictures of the Cipolloni (Seatpost trimmed 2cm, stem changed to 6 degree and bottle cages added)
    Have added a KTM Revelator with Di2, Hadron Wheels, Arione Saddle with Zipp Bars & Stem.
    Just got to get out and ride a bit more now.

    Photos updated below
  • The back end paintjob on that Cipo is all wrong - too much black and it makes it look like there's a huge gap between the tyre & frame.

    I bet it's bloody fast though!
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    the photos are not seen!
  • whosthedaddy
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    All running with Ultegra Di2
    Swapped the Ultegra chainset for a Rotor 3D on the Cipollini
    The Trigon has Shimano R785 Hydraulic brakes
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    fence needs a coat of paint............... :D
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    I like the Cipollini!