Giro AEON Road Bike Helmet

bikessmidd Posts: 18
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Whats peoples thoughts on this helmet, does it look like the real deal? ... 27e626516c

The price is very cheap for the helmet, so not sure whether to trust whats being sold!


  • TheHound
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    Bought one from there a month ago.

    Genuine item and delivery was fine.
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  • on-yer-bike
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    Where do they get them from I wonder? they are normally £190.00.
  • cougie
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    Well they have announced the new synthe helmet so they'll be running stock down I guess.
  • vanleapo
    vanleapo Posts: 150
    I bought one off Ebay a few weeks back, from a seller in Singapore for £69
    It certainly looks and feels genuine, but it was manufactured in 2012. So I guess it's new old stock.

    Definitely wouldn't pay £190 for any helmet.
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  • drlodge
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    I looked into helmets recently including the Aeon, just far too expensive and the straps & pads felt and looked a bit cheap for such an expensive helmet. Ended up getting a Kask Mojito, and very pleased with it.
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  • meanredspider
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    I have one - it's incredibly light - stunningly so and incredibly comfortable (on my head). My only, minor, gripe is that it's difficult to find a spot to poke my shades where they'll stay put.

    I bought mine a year ago from one of the big on-line retailers at about the same price as this - it was so cheap I couldn't resist it.

    BTW - I'd be surprised if the Mojito and the Aeon fit the same heads - tried a Mojito a while back and it was a terrible fit for me.
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  • northpole
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    I have one - they do suffer a bit from the mushroom syndrome look however, they are remarkably light and well ventilated - certainly the most comfortable helmet I have tried.

  • bikessmidd
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    Cheers Gents, seems like it's the right helmet to buy.
    I too wouldn't pay £180-190 for a helmet, the only question is, is it the real thing for the money and lets be honest £90 for a top of the range helmet is a little cheap!
    I have ordered it and will have a closer look when it arrives so hopefully not a fake.
  • vanleapo
    vanleapo Posts: 150
    I forgot to mention, I was riding in Cyprus with it last week and it performed superbly.
    My head was about the only thing that wasn't feeling the heat.
    I was riding in temperatures up to 37 degs and didn't think about my head temperature the whole time.
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