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Shimano bottom bracket cable guide

denkfauldenkfaul Posts: 39
edited June 2014 in Workshop
My Triban 5a's derailleur cable guide (blue plastic thing underneath the bottom bracket) has managed to break due to excessive tension and rubbing from the front derailleur.

I ordered a replacement from amazon: but it turns out this is slightly different from the one on the bike, which I think is actually this one: ... B00DU73LR4

The difference being the screwing mechanism - the one on the bike uses a screw to expand the plastic tight into the hole under the BB. The one I ordered doesn't have this plastic bit, but comes with a bit of unthreaded metal as in the picture on the amazon link, which I can't work out what to do with. The hole in the cable guide and this metal thing are a fair bit smaller than the hole in the frame under the BB.

Does anyone know what I could do to screw this in place, or know where I might purchase a SP-18-T cable guide? I've looked everywhere and I can only find them from US sellers.
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