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Help, fulcrum pain in ar...

blablablacksheepblablablacksheep Posts: 1,627
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So trying to replace bb on cx bike, got the one that wiggle and myself thought was correct... But the instructions completely go against this..

Crankset is a fulcrum rs torq
Bb that I have is fulcrum rrs.

It says on instructions you cannot use rrs bb with a r or rs crankset!!

Can someone explain why not? And if I install it what might happen if any(I cannot see why not as it's surely just like having a 105bb with a dura ace crankkset)

I swear Italians make everything 10x complicated compared to shimano..

Help please thanks
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  • Anyone? Trying to find out online but nothing says why you cannot use RSS bottom bracket cups with R crankset.
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • lapavoni10lapavoni10 Posts: 146
    at the end of the day, its just a campag chainset/bb....should be fine?
    Only difference I am aware of is that the super record bearings are ceramic, and the central bolt on horst link on SR is left hand thread.
  • im a bit reluctant to risk trying right now untill i can get a confirmation of whether it will work or im going to be out of pocket if i trash parts.

    The crankset is fulcram racing torq R , and frame is Italian threaded so have got the only fulcrum BB cups that i can find anywhere which are RSS, the only reason im posting this is there was a warning message inside saying dont use with RS or R cranksets....but no explanation as to why!

    whole build is delayed until this sorted, so any help very much appreciated.
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • The RRS cups are missing a seal on the inside as as opposed to the R or RS cups because the RRS cranksets use ceramic bearings. It'll still work. FYI you can use any Campag Ultra-Torque BB shell as well, but if you stick to the record ones, rather than super record, you'll get the extra sealing.
  • Cheers for post very helpful.

    So if I use current RSS bb cups they don't include a seal. Will this cause issues down the line then? (my fulcrum chainset btw has upgraded cult bearings if that useful to know?)

    I ask as I cannot find any campag record bb cups only ultra torque and power torque cups....

    Neither of these be any better I'm guessing them the fulcrum RSS ones I've got?

    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • vanleapovanleapo Posts: 150
    If you are careful you should be able to remove the seals from your old BB cups (if they are in good condition) and put them in your new cups
    I have done this on my Record Ultra Torque cups when I bought Super Record by mistake.

    I think Record Ultra Torque cups are compatible with your chainset, but not 100% certain.

    Probikekit have an Italian threaded set of Ultra Torque cups going very cheap at present ... 77308.html
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  • So I've removed the seals from my old bb cups.
    Should I use them with chainset even though chainset has ceramic bearings?

    do I
    1:send back rss cups and buy campanile super ultra torque ones from above link?

    2: keep rss cups and use them with chain set?

    Both wiggle and fulcrum themselves seem unable to answer this,

    Thanks guys please help as whole build on hold ATM
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
  • vanleapovanleapo Posts: 150
    I think the rss cups will be OK if you have ceramic bearings.

    Bear in mind though, that if you get water inside your frame then the bearings will have no protection and even ceramic bearings don't like prolonged contact with water.
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  • Thanks for reply fella.

    Been reading around and the whole claims made by campagnolo regarding not using grease and oil for ceramics is flawed badly.

    So going to so what you did. Move seals over and grease as per normal the cups.

    Will obs post if it goes badly wrong though lol.
    London2Brighton Challange 100k!
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