GXP BB alternatives

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Had I known about the fragility I would have gone along a different path but with chainsets bought its too late now. The Gxp BB I have has done about 300 miles and is rocking like hell. All grease is looking good as are the seals. I know these come off and grease gets washed out but not here.
What are my alternative? A hundred quid on a Hope plus converter just isn't an option at this stage. anything out there in between a 20 quid GXP and the Hope?
I dare bet that the dimwit that designed them made a point of using some unique bearing so that these can't be replaced. Shimano say that they'res can't but they lie. Has anyone done something similar with a GXP?


  • mattsccm
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    Anyone know if this will actually allow me to use my Shimano style BB shells?
    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HOLLOWTECH-2- ... 258fb31261
    An equally poor design but at least easier to replace.
    I know the ad says it will do the job but it all seems a bit easy!
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    Are you sure the crank bolt is tightened up properly? it needs to be very tight (40 nm torque), otherwise rocking could occur.

    When mine was new, I noticed there was some rocking after a while. Torquing the crank bolt solved the problem.
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    Tight as a tight thing
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    Is it the BB itself that is loose? Or is it the cranks in the BB?

    Dumb question - but if it's the cranks - is the wave washer installed? That takes up slack and without it the cranks will seem loose from memory.
  • mattsccm
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    Rattling in the sodding bearings. You can feel the play with your finger.300 miles! Not bloody rain proof. Going to try a sleeve and a HT2 BB. An equally poor design but you can bung in industry standard bearings easily enough.
  • If you take the crankset off and feel the bearings, do they feel smooth? If so, you must be missing either the wavey washer or the thin metal spacer that preload the system.

    If they're both there, id check your BB to make sure that you have the correct number of spacers between the cups and the frame.

    It's quite hard to develop play in an external BB system since the bearings are so wide apart. Even the worst worn bearings I've seen had very little play.

    You must be missing a spacer somewhere.
  • mattsccm
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    Its all there. the bearings are screwed. Externals are inherently less robust than a square taper as they are more exposed to shite and the seals on these are crap. Full of muck with only a few hundred miles on them. I am going to play with using shimano HT2 BB. I know from experience that these don't last all that long but at least you can pop the bearings out and use industry standard ones in a quality to suit.
    I suppose I will have to get used to the fact that this is one of those things whereby the modern version doesn't last as long as the older ones. My square taper Campag Athena BB has about 15000 miles, mostly on gravels and mud and is going strong. It was used when I bought it.
    Ta for the ideas.
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    Of it's only done 300 miles I would be going down the warranty route. I've ran a gxp BB for many more mile than that with no issues.

    Once you get a replacement in get the faulty unit sent off for a warranty claim.
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    Not sure its worth the hassle for a 20 quid BB. Phone calls to Planet X!!! And it will always be a poor design with limited replacement options.