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Giant Defy Advanced 1: warranty

unmalin3unmalin3 Posts: 3
Has anyone been in a similar situation? I purchased a 2014 Giant Defy Advanced 1 late December 2013: I really enjoyed riding the bike. Many times I took it to my LBS for minor adjustments or to add a few things . Last May, in one of my visit to the store, I was told that my left chainstay was cracked. My LBS pit a claim into Giant, but they refused to honor their warranty claiming that the damage was caused by some type of external force or impact. The funny thing is that they added that I might not even know what happened exactly, but they were certain that the damage did not develop as part of some inherit defect in the frame. :evil:

July 5, 2014
Thanks to the intervention of my LBS, Giant rectified the issue and sent me another bike frame. :D
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