Play in my front wheel

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I noticed some play in the front wheel while giving the bike a clean. The bike is only 10 months old and has been used almost solely for commuting, just a couple of bike trips during the year. It never goes off road or gets excessively dirty or wet beyond what a winter commute in London throws at it. Best guess, 2000-2500 miles done.

Is this reasonable for the hub to need servicing? I'm on a trek 7.3fx (bought new in August).

If that is deemed reasonable, any advice or repacking the hub would be appreciated. I'm fully behind self service, learning as I go along.



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    If it's cup and cone (probably) it may just need the cone's resetting, however I'd be inclined to strip, clean and rebuild with fresh grease.

    Not unusual after that distance, riding it with play may mean more than just a strip and rebuild!
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    The hub is apparently am FM21 from formula, and I'm struggling to find any information about it at all, even what kind of hub it is. Anyone have any info?
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    Hmmm - 2,500 bland communter miles shouldn't really need a complete strip of the wheel

    Bit of cone adjustment - 10 mins for LBS or 30 mins first time for you.
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    So it turned out the locking bolt had come a bit loose, nothing more. Tightened it up (finger tight, I don't have the right sized spanner) and all is well. Bearings looked a bit light on grease though, so will top that up this weekend.

    Plus 1 on bits of the bike I understand: my inner geek loves finding out how stuff works so I can maintain it. Mission in life, never pay for maintenance (though kudos to cycle surgery for advice)