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New to site, hope I get some positive replies

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Am hoping to get some general feedback on bike mounted GPS units. Basically, I have set up a bike hire/tours business in the Algarve (wild westcoast). Business is just starting to grow and I hope to do self guided tours in order to keep things ticking over. I want to attach a GPS unit to the bikes so clients can do self guided rides all on our rented MTB's. I have quite a few routes already in .GPX format and want a unit that is not too cumbersome, not crazy expensive, is rugged/waterproof, easy to use and most importantly able to downlaod/upload my .GPX files that I have already. The .GPX files have been created by a tracker unit I have. I have experience with Garmin (borrowed from a friend) on my enduro motorbike and other than that have no knowledge of which units would be suitable. If anyone can give advice, I would appreciate it a lot. I hope to stick an ad on here as well soon to let you all know about our setup/accommodation/rides and activities in this most amazing area. Thanks, Anton :?
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