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Hi, I need to lose a load of weight, and have finally reached a point where i can afford a reasonable bike, used or new.

I've always wanted an orange, marin, kona or cannondale full suspension since i worked in halfords selling bikes as a teenager. Would love to own an orange gyro or five, but i can't for the life of me find any weight guidance on their site or google. I've searched far and wide across the usual brands, and 120-130kg seems to be the stated max on suspension or hard tail.

A few forums refer to some quite exotic bikes, or some older ones (like kona hoss), but they're either financially out of reach or just not available due to age.

Therefore, before i go to a local bike shop, i'd love to seek your help on any initial guidance on whether i'll be able to get any of those bikes, or will i have to wait until i lose 30kg until i can. I'm thinking £1k max used or new, obviously with some of the bikes like oranges likely needing to be used. I'd definitely look at a hard tail if there are any recommendations. I weigh 150kg+, and am 6'4" tall. I carry my weight well so i don't look like a globe, but still very heavy.

Please help, thanks.


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    I'd just buy a bike and don't jump off any massive cliffs initially.
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    As above, I started on my HT at similar weight to you. Had similar concerns allayed by LBS.

    I'd probably go hardtail first though. I'm 115kg now and am at almost max pressure to get 25-30% sag on the rear of my FS with an RP2. I realise all bikes are different and so are shocks, and you could get so etching to work fine, but a nice HT would be my starting point.
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    I wouldn't go with a Boardman, we see a fair few with cracked frame, at sub £1K that only really leaves the Rockriders at Decathlon.
  • Thanks guys, for some reason I didn't get notified there were replies but though i'd check. I'll look into getting a beefy HT first maybe. Start cheap and maybe buy an orange later as a project.
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    A hardtail is a good choice as they withstand higher weights and are easier to maintain. Once you get more into mountain bikes and fitter you can know better what you want. I am about 100kg and have no problems at all with hard tails.

    The below link is from the Trek website :-

    http://www.trekbikes.com/faq/questions. ... tionid=104
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    i brought a whyte 629 29" and it's very nice. i'm sure that would support your weight. only £800 too. got it on the cycescheme. well made british bike too.
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    I'd have a look at something like the Kona Honzo. Konas handle really well and the wheels are tubeless ready, their even taped.
    Orange is Selling a few ex demo XL Gyros if you check their site, I love mine, the standard shock tune is a medium so maybe fitting a firmer shock would be the way to go.
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    A lot of OEM have weight limits around 125kg. Turner is one of the only OEMs that do not have weight limits.

    You could search out a 5 Spot or something. Otherwise I would go for a HT, possibly steel.
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    Obviously any that come with parts that have been reviewed as 'slightly flexy' will be mega flexy for you, so take that into account when picking parts
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