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Womens Hybrid

Nemo9090CaptNemo9090Capt Posts: 2
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Hi All,

I am new to the website and I hope someone can help, I will apologise in advance for the waffle so bear with me. I am just about to become the proud owner of a Boardman Hybrid Pro, on researching the purchase and with the news to my partner that I will be doing more on road than off road riding, she has expressed a wish to join me in my outdoor pursuits for a change :shock:. Now just to explain we went down this route a good few years ago and it all went south because she couldn't cope with all the gears and gear changing e.t.c. My question is, is there a decent women specific Hybrid bike out there with Alfine or equivalent gears (I believe you can get up to an 11 speed hub) I'm really keen for this next exercise to be as painless and as stress free as possible for both of us and don't want her to be put off by anything again.



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