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Buying a jersey.

IllicitWallaceIllicitWallace Posts: 2
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I have been riding my road bike for about a month now and I have to say I'm really enjoying it. I try to get out 5 times a week but that doesn't always happen. I have some padded shorts for my comfort because I dont really fancy waling around like John Wayne. The shorts I have are skin tight which isn't a problem but I feel a little stupid with such tight shorts and a baggy t shirt which often rides up. I'm about 6'4" and 92kg and of average build - a little bit of excess fat around the middriff - one of the reasons why I took up cycling I also hve broadish shoulders. I already have one jersey which I bought from (a great site with even better customer service). This shirt is a little tight which is the point, but I'm having trouble because it often rides up when I'm cycling, especially when I hunch own to get my power on!

I don't have much experience with this sort of shopping. Is there any one in the same body frame as me who has experience. I'd be really grateful for any advice you can give. Is there a specific type that I could look for which will help me? Or is a baselayer the preferred option for most people? Any helpful advice would be really good. I've had a little look on these forums but I couldn't find anything that was helpful to answer my burning quetions.

Thanks in advance everyone :)


  • sungodsungod Posts: 16,066
    are you wearing shorts or bib shorts? bibs go higher up so road jerseys can be shorter, if it's shorts look at mtb jerseys perhaps

    but some jerseys are cut very short anyway, while others have a silicone strip inside the waist to help keep them in place

    if you've got a shorter cut one and it has no waist grip then it'll ride up fairly easily

    prendas have a good range, buy based on chest size and avoid erring on the large side - assuming you'll be dropping weight, in a few months it'll be too big (experience talking here) ... t_zip.html
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  • Sharky999Sharky999 Posts: 103
    i bought one of these, im 6 feet weigh 88kg and carrying ab it extra on the waist, i found it nice and long at the back with a comfortable fit, i went with large. ... -black-lrg
  • Some mtb tops have a much more generous fit.....
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  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Some mtb tops have a much more generous fit.....

    Yup. I have a Fox jersey that had a slightly looser, longer cut than road jerseys I own, but still has roadie style pockets. I bought it for road use, if I lose a bit more weight it'll be used on the MTB.
  • cougiecougie Posts: 22,512
    Always bib shorts and base layer. If that jersey is too tight for you - just get the next size up.

    Some brands are mad in their sizing though...
  • RDWRDW Posts: 1,900
    Definitely get bib shorts - once you've tried them, you'll never go back to standard shorts.

    The Endura Hummvee jersey is worth trying - road style pockets but a pretty relaxed MTB-style fit without being flappy: ... y-ec022290
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