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Peugeot Optima - steel and horizontal top tube action

Brommers76Brommers76 Posts: 234
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Turned a rather garish 1990 531 Peugeot into this:


First ride today and really nice to ride.


  • d_o_gd_o_g Posts: 286
    Loving the forks.

    And the rest of it! My first road bike as a kid was a Peugeot, would love another as an adult, just for the memories.
  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    That's really nice but the Spoon is far too ugly for it!

    Any 'before' photos?
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  • inseineinseine Posts: 5,785
    Nice job. Great to see old Peugeots given a new life.
  • the_fugglerthe_fuggler Posts: 1,228
    That is fabulous
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  • woolwichwoolwich Posts: 298
    Lovely bike. Could you explain what you did with the forks? rubbish eyesight and a bad laptop mean I can't quite work it out. Thanks
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  • roktrokt Posts: 493
    That's superb.....well done you've done a very nice job.
  • 2poc2poc Posts: 99
  • Brommers76Brommers76 Posts: 234
    Thanks for the comments. The forks are chrome and were relatively new when I bought it. The idea was for me to spend as little as possible to get a specific look and also to use it! In terms of the saddle, I wanted brown, comfy and cheap - I don't like the white logo but happy with the rest of the saddle.

    Soda blasted frame, powder coated, all parts polished, new chain and tyres as well as saddle and bar tape.

  • rolf_frolf_f Posts: 16,015
    I do quite like those garish era Peugeots - a bit like a bicycle in a shell suit! But you've certainly made it a lot more tasteful and light blue is always a good colour for a bike.

    Saddle - this is what it wants. A Turbo. ... 80-saddle/
    The Peugeot Triathlon I renovated of the same age as yours had one of those so it probably is the original style for the bike.
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  • MiddleRingerMiddleRinger Posts: 678
    Lushness!!! :D
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