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Item received but promise not honoured!!

gds08gds08 Posts: 948
The post below relates to the Rotor Q Rings that I have purchased and received today but despite the promise from the OP that the first person to commit to purchasing ANY of the items would receive the Vittoria CX tyres free, this was not honoured. Before you all start getting on high horses I have discussed this at length with the OP by PM (which as usual is not now working!!) and he refused to take my offer of payment initially as he wanted to get a buyer for the frame first before dismantling all the parts - fair enough but then two days later when he gets a buyer for the frame he then gives the free tyres to this other guy as he paid for the frame before I was given the opportunity to pay and he then asked me for payment for the chainrings!

My reason for this 'rant' is that if you are going to openly offer any kind of incentives like this then surely you must follow it through and honour it and not just pick and choose who you feel like giving it to! When I challenged the OP on this he simply told me that it was up to him who he chose to give them to and that he was losing money on the chainrings (?? they're used for gods sake) so he gave the free tyres to the guy who bought the frame two days after me!!

I understand that this is almost certainly pointless but what the heck, I thought you all needed to know that this is clearly bad practice.

Rant over - bring on all the negative comments!



  • ascurrellascurrell Posts: 1,739
    You shouldn't get no negative comments, sounds like a legitimate whinge to me
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,825
    Il throw the Vittoria XN Pro CX Tyres in with the first purchase of any of the above.Jim_earthworm

    Technically I guess, a "purchase" is made only once payment is made, and you were not the first person to make a payment - the frame guy was. But I totally see your point, you were the first person to commit to making a purchase.
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  • "Tyregate"

    Ultimately these kind of trivial things are to be ironed out 1 on 1 and I thought we had done exactly that.

    Clearly not: I gave you the opportunity to cancel the trade, perhaps suggest some recompense, yet you chose to continue the agreed transaction with no other inference.

    Il reiterate my point that it is entirely at my discretion who I gave the tyres to within the parameters of 'first purchase'. The technicalities were neither agreed or even discussed and furthermore the subject of my offer not even mentioned until after I had confirmed purchase of the frame and received payment from yourself for the chainrings whereby I received a message presuming that you had been the first to make a purchase, by default of expressing committed interest in the chainrings.

    Had there been some prior agreement between us that you were the first 'purchaser' and thus the entitled recipient of the tyres, I would be holding my hands up right now, apologising and ordering you a brand new pair of Vittoria XN Pro tyres as the least I could do for basically reneiging on a promise.

    The bottom line is that no promises were made from either side, just an assumption from yourself that you were entitled to the tyres.

    I'm a little upset you felt he need to hang this out in public, however in future I suggest you cement any 'promises' as exactly that, rather than loose assumptions.
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  • beetle1beetle1 Posts: 188
    ''Ultimately these kind of trivial things are to be ironed out 1 on 1 and I thought we had done exactly that.''

    I think this is absolutely true. No need to get anyone else involved as the transaction is between the two of you and obviously open to your own interpretation on the subject.
  • b-works10b-works10 Posts: 152
    I just received the item I purchased from Jim_earthworm

    It was absolutely perfectly described, packaged really well, posted with RM special delivery.

    Further to all that - he was properly sensible with the price - rather than trying to sell his stuff for just under online prices.

    Lastly - all communication prompt and friendly.

    I would say one of the best I've had dealings with on here.

    Deal with jim_earthworm with confidence.

  • Also like to stand up for Jim_earthworm

    Fast sending of items in question along with very well packaged. Promt reply to all communication even though most of the time this sites PM service was down again.... :roll:

    Would buy again from him no question.
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