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Reading glasses to ride a bike ?

beegeebeegee Posts: 160
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I have just bought a Garmin Edge 200 GPS cycle computer. I've used it a few times and I have got used to it so that, even with my not such great eyesight, I can guess what it is telling me. However things get more complicated when I am trying to follow a course and it is telling me things by beeping at me. I cannot guess what it is trying to tell me. So now I feel that I need to keep a pair of reading glasses or a magnifying glass close at hand. Cycling used to be very simple, you just rode until you were tired or the bike broke down. Now I have to stop to see what the computer is telling me ! How do other people manage ? Get a bigger computer ?


  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,843
    I suspect it might be time to have an eye test if you cannot see what is on the screen. As a glasses wearer myself i have no choice but to wear them, i can probably see well enough to ride a bike without them but not drive a car so wouldn't attempt it. Any bike computer can be a pain to read in sunlight as well as it reflects off the screen.
    Too many bikes according to Mrs O.
  • tangled_metaltangled_metal Posts: 4,015
    If it's just for reading then you can be perfectly safe without glasses. Older people generally. If it's glasses for short sight then hell yes get tested and wear your glasses.
    Perhaps there's a little magnifying glass you can get to stick on the display. I've seen some that are small rectangular frame holding up the lens. Also you can get magnifying plastic sheet smaller than a5. I think even some that stick onto what you want to be magnified. Just an idea but there must be a way.
  • night_porternight_porter Posts: 888
    If all you need are reading glasses like I do then just get yourself some bifocal safety glasses with the correct magnification. I have a couple of pairs 1 smoke and one clear for different riding conditions and I too wear them to follow maps on my Garmin. Some manufacturers of cycling glasses do make bifocal interchangeable lenses to fit their frames (google is your friend)

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