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Has anyone had experience with the s works m5 frame around the year 2005 mark?

considering buying one but would just like to know if anyone has had any experience with them its a frame only so obviously I cant have a test ride

I couldnt find much in the way of reviews on the net

many thanks


  • njee20
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    It's old now, and they weren't all that light when they were current. Unless it was dirt cheap (<£100) I'd not have one - get an On One Whippet or something.

    The year is potentially significant, they changed them in 2006, the newer ones were lighter and more comfy. Got a picture?
  • imsimon
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    Its the earlier one 04/05 listed for 120 and im sure I can get it at 100. I know it would seem an improvement over my current gr aggressor from about 2000. Maybe I might be better getting all the components I want on the gt untill a more modern frame comes up. Oh decisions!!!!
  • cooldad
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    I'd want the whole bike for that.
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  • imsimon
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    cooldad wrote:
    I'd want the whole bike for that.

    Thank you thats the kind of help I needed!
  • supersonic
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    Still a nice light frame for XC riding.
  • felix.london
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    Seems seriously overpriced to me. Especially considering you can get this for £400

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  • njee20
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    Massively irrelevant comparison, but there are plenty of better options for less.
  • re..'I'd want the whole bike for that'

    Yup. We'd all want a 2005 S=Works Stumpy for £120.

  • imsimon
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    Thanks for all of your input. Ive managed to get something completly different on one 456 summer season so looking forward to a new project coming soon. Just got to tell the wife now gulp