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Kinesis 2015?

the_jackalcpthe_jackalcp Posts: 276
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Does anyone have an inside line on updates/new frames form Kinesis in 2015? I'm specifically interested to know if they might be bringing out a 4s disc frame.

I've tried emailing them but got no reply.

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  • luv2rideluv2ride Posts: 2,367
    Nice thought (4s with discs). But is a Crosslight Pro 6 disc a million miles away in geometry, etc? I've got one and you could comfortably run 30-35mm tyres with full mudguards (or slick road 28's). Tapered head tube as well. I'll probably run mine as a winter trainer when the time comes, but happy with it linking dusty/muddy off-road sections and potholed roads at the minute, sans 'guards. Versatile bike.
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  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    Go onto the 4S page on the Kinesis web site and leave a comment. Dom Mason, their designer always comes back, brilliant service imo
  • the_jackalcpthe_jackalcp Posts: 276
    giant man wrote:
    Go onto the 4S page on the Kinesis web site and leave a comment. Dom Mason, their designer always comes back, brilliant service imo

    I wasn't aware of this function. I will give it a go and update if I get a response. Thanks

    As for the Pro6, this is one of my fall back options. I am not keen on the top tube cables ( pretty poor excuse really) otherwise I may just end up getting one if the 4s disc is a non starter. As you said they would be very similar bikes hence why a 4s disc may never happen.
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  • I asked exactly this question on the Kinesis Facebook page a while ago and got a response indicating they were working on it, but no further details. Given the way the industry is moving it would be pretty surprising if they didn't launch some disc road frames for 2015, especially as they already have plenty of disc frame design experience with cross frames. I reckon a 4s with the new 105 hydraulic brakes might just be the perfect mid price winter/commuter bike.

  • giant_mangiant_man Posts: 6,878
    I am rather tempted by the pro 6 - in the green naturally - and replace the discs with the TRP Hy-Rd system. Good all rounder imo.
  • whitebait01whitebait01 Posts: 610
    I'd definitely be keen on a disc 4S with the same geo as the current 4S/TK3. The geo of the crosslight wouldn't work for me. I've dropped them a message on their site, we'll see what they say! Of course, the temptation would be to hold out for the disc equipped GF Ti...
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