specialised allez race bike vs Merida road 901

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I'm looking at getting my first road bike and have found both of these two bikes, getting a bit confused! :shock: was just wondering what people thought the best choice out of the two would be?10361400_10204047321360563_1595550170411861846_n.jpgor

I'm 6ft any help would be greatly appreciated!



  • DiscoBoy
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    What frame size are they? They both look quite small.
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  • Both are Large frame I think they said they measured at 56cm
  • Colinthecop
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    I have an Allez, I like it... Never riden a Merida so can't really comment.

    Although I seem to remember reading somewhere they come from the same factory as the Spesh, and it that's true, the quality of both will be good.
  • So hard to decide!
  • imposter2.0
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    The Merida looks a lot older than the Allez, by several years...
  • Colinthecop
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    That's probably the 80's paint job....

    If the OP has an affro, then it's got to be the Merida, if not, the Spesh.
  • Haha no afro im afraid.. Think ill go spesh thanks guys!
  • Miles253
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    Ive always thought my Allez was a great buy, you see quite a few people racing them too, so they cant be bad.
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