Pinarello FP3 vs. Trek Madone 5.2

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Last winter I shipped my nice road bike, a 48cm 2009 Cervelo RS with SRAM Force, to my college on the East Coast. I'm back on the West Coast for the summers and one month in the winter, and I need a road bike. I was hoping I could get some advice here.

I raced in the spring for my college - both crit and RR - and absolutely loved it. I only raced intro in three races, however next year I'd be training in the winter and seriously competing. Because shipping the bike back and forth each summer would be about $400 or more over the course of 4 years, I figure it would be easier and more financially sound to buy a bike on this coast and keep the $400 in equity, and I can sell a bike when I graduate.

This would be my only bike on the West Coast. I'd be looking to do mostly 20-30 mile recreational rides, as well as bike 17 miles roundtrip to my office, as many 60 mile rides that I can get in and possibly a few races. I see my current Cervelo RS as my race bike that I'll keep on the East Coast.

1. What kind of bike do you think I should buy, and should I keep my Cervelo RS on the East Coast?
If I plan to race semi-seriously in college, would it be better to ship my Cervelo to the West Coast and buy an even nicer bike for racing? Right now I'm thinking probably not?

2. I can buy a 2009 Pinarello FP3 with 105 for $1600, which I believe is either a 44cm or a 47cm, or a 47cm 2010 Trek Madone WSD with Ultegra. (Pinarello ... EBIDX%3AIT and Madone ... EBIDX%3AIT).

I have also considered:
- a new 49cm 2014 Specialized Allez with 105 ($1500) that I found excitingly stiff but also harsh on rough pavement
- a 48cm 2012 Cannondale Supersix Fem with Ultegra ($1900) but I missed the chance to buy it
- a 48cm 2014 Ridley Fenix with Ultegra ($2100)
- I've considered splurging on a 44cm 2014 Pinarello Razha with 105 ($2450 plus tax).

These come from a mix of LBS, ebay and Craigslist.
My ideal price point is $1500 - $2000.

What's your advice?
And are there other bikes I should be looking at?


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    I assume that the coasts you are talking about are on the U.S., not the U.K.? I can't imagine it would be that difficult to move a bike from Edinburgh to Glasgow or Hull to Liverpool... Sorry, just having a dig.. :wink:

    As with most of these choices it largely comes down to fit and geometry. It's difficult to compare the bikes as the full specs are not given in the adverts and they are slightly older models.

    I would think about wheels. It's likely that the wheels on both of these bikes are not that great and as they are a few years old may also be worn if they have done lots of miles. What wheels do you have on your Cervelo? If they are good ones maybe you could take them with you when you move even if you can't take the bike?
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    He obviously has one in Whitehaven and one in Sunderland. The answer of course it's that it's a days ride ;)

    Edit: He's quoted dollars, my mistake, Perth and Sydney presumably, bit far to cycle but some but Mark Beaumont has done it!