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Hi at present riding a boardman hybrid comp about 100 mls a week to help keep fit and loose weight approx 110 kg so a long way to go. Has i bike onroad looking to replace hybrid for a road bike but must be comfortable to ride. I have upto £1200 to spend and would prefer carbon frame and at least 105 running gear if poss here are my list at present
boardman team carbon
ribble gran fondo
ribble sportive bianco
ribble sportive azzurro
specialized Roubaix
cannondale synapse
or do I go secondhand where bike has had upgraded wheels etc ?
By looks I would prefer the ribble gran fondo do any of you ride the above and give me feedback on the ride and comfort also can you go to ribble factory to view and try bikes before ordering ? has I presume if I went for boardman Halfords will not let you test ride like they didn't when buying hybrid many thanks for the replys chris


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    To be honest I would forget about the 'test ride' bit. A road bike is a road bike, you aint going to get much meaningful from a test ride, unless they are back-to-back tests on various models over the same route.
    What is important is getting a bike you like the look of and one which is the Right Size.
    Any decent bike shop should be able to give advice on the right size frame. (It might be worth going to a few shops though to gauge what the best size is for you). A visit to the Ribble store would be worth it.
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    Thanks dwanes for the info will defo go to ribble store to try hope they let you have a test ride not just sit on them its a 150 mile around trip but will be worth it I did email ribble they suggested a gran fondo or the new sportive azzurro frame for comfort and the 55 frame for my 5ft 10 ins height
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    Ribble are great vfm and you can spec them as you wish.
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    I think a Canyon Endurace (not available just yet in 105) or an Ultimate CF SL 7.0 is the best bike for that sort of money (€1600 so close just above your £1200 figure).
    Their aluminium options would also give most carbon bikes a run for their money.
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    Exactly to your budget, carbon frame, 11 speed ultegra.
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    I was in a similar situ as yourself about a year ago, had lost a good bit of weight and had a fairly beaten up secteur, splashed a fair bit on a planet x and love it but almost wish i had held for 6 months until i had lost another 10 kilos.
    Life isnt like a box of chocolates, its like a bag of pic n mix.
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    wow so many choices thanks guys for the info might go to the planet x store while visiting ribble to compare also like the canyon but I presume no chance of test ride has built in Germany I will be keeping boardman hybrid for rainy days new bike defo dry days only thanks again
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    ok have decided to go for the ribble gran fondo or the planet x pro carbon can anyone tell me which one will be more comfortable to ride has this is my main aim in getting a road bike comfort over speed ?.Also im 5 ft 10 but with short 29 inch legs but long torso so what size frame would suit in both models ? once I decide which bike to go for will put pics up when bought many thanks
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    If this is your first road bike then it won't be comfortable until your body has adjusted.
    Then you will start to appreciate the differences that a longer / shorter / angled stem can make.
    I think the first bike is a just a way of determining what the 2nd bike should be - and that's the one that fits you :D