the nonlieinsunday morning thread

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Feeling a bit below par due to way too much ale last night - but how else do you sleep in a tent?

My mate stopped drinking at 7pm - think he is a genius....

Right onwards to tea and then the Shropshire highland challenge which is basically just a day of pain on the bike :(



  • arran77
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    Good luck with the bike ride Matthew h :)

    More birthday celebrations for my daughter today, this time with the family so loafing around in the sun is the order of the day 8)
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    Morning slags,

    Went out for a beer last night and had a lie in this morning.

    Now on my way home for a lie down.

    Good luck with the ride H, you mentalist.

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    matthew h wrote:
    then road riding which is basically just a day of pain on the bike :(

    Morning Wasters,

    Stayed up late-ish for the inevitable footy related disappointment and am now paying for it. At least I got a box of Poncey chocolates from wifey and stropchild who have also been good enough to leave me alone for the morning - my Fathers Day sepcial request :) Later will be lazing and even a quick nap, I'm feeling that motivated.
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    I had a lie in again, tea delivered to me and crumpets for breakfast. I like a bit of crumpet.
    Off out for a fry up with my Dad shortly followed by teaching my son how to change the clutch in a Mini.
    Should try some beer later, I've heard it's good stuff.
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    Hola crudfuds

    nice wedding yesterday, plenty of blart wearing nowt, plenty of H'dness going on and dance floor avoided, success!

    Recovery shizzle going on now and an early night fo' sure.

    Laters ladies!
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    Dirty and knackered - great ride, only 65 miles but 5,500ft of climbs = tired legs, but a great day