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postie90postie90 Posts: 53
hey guys, not really sure if this is the right place to ask, I've recently got back into cycling again, mixture of road, bridal ways canals etc... and the easy routes at cannock chase so far. been riding for about 6 weeks now 3-4 times a week. I'm just getting over a chest infection but still tried to get out even for a small ride.... my average ride is now upto 10-15 miles and once a week try to do 20 miles.... a bit off back ground for me, i work permanent nights and generally only eat twice a day.... my day i get up early afternoon cup off coffee and thats it until tea time around 8pm, i take a sandwich to work which i eat around 3am.... I'm not a big eater... my problem is as I'm doing longer rides i don't seem to have as much energy and I've started to ache in the legs the day after..... could i eat anything just before i go for a ride or take anything after riding to help will recovery? i drop a high5 tab in my water bottle while I'm out thats about it really... any advise or if you need any other info..... thanks steve. :D


  • postie90postie90 Posts: 53
    Can anyone help on this? i don't eat breakfast but if i start to what could i eat thats high in protein i normally get up around 2-3pm and go for a ride after a couple off hours so like 4-5pm but i don't eat... any advise would be greatly appreciated..
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Why don't you eat when you get up? You will feel censored if you don't. Porridge or similar is the stock choice, works well for most.
  • wilberforcewilberforce Posts: 278
    Aside from diet, are you also stretching out after a ride. Some quick muscle stretches after a ride can prevent later aching muscles
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