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Voodoo Hoodoo

phippskiphippski Posts: 17
edited June 2014 in Your mountain bikes
This is my first bike since I was 16 (I'm now 29), decided I need a hobby and to get fit!
Here is is the day I picked it up.

An after today's modifications ( dmr v8's, elite bottle cage and bottle)

The missus is giving me grief for choosing a mountain bike over a new lawnmower :lol:
Equipment so far 661 recon stealth helmet in white and Endura full monty gloves 8)
First ride today very happy with it not so happy about the puncture I picked up though :cry:

All comments welcome, off to halfords to buy a pump and repair kit now


  • Really nice bikes for the money, I picked up a Bantu recently and love it. Glad you're enjoying it!
  • BLWBLW Posts: 96


    As a fellow Hoodoo owner, it would be rude of me not to *wave* and say hello! :D

    Good to hear you are pleased with it, I’ve not made any mods/upgrades to mine as yet….probably because I wouldn’t know where to start (so it’s good to hear what others are doing with there’s) but it seems to be doing it’s job and proved that at Sherwood on the red route yesterday (never done it before) so for the first time it actually felt like I could really get to grips with the bike and test it out…and myself, I don’t hold either to say I’m new to this but my confidence really grew yesterday (probably a bit too much) so credit to the bike for looking after me…and beginners luck no doubt!
  • phippskiphippski Posts: 17
    A pair of Voodoo's, you win this hand! Really like the colour of the Aizan. Mine hasn't been tested as much as yours yet, my fitness wont allow it! I'll get there though getting out on it as much as I can.
  • BLWBLW Posts: 96
    Ha haaa yeah that bright orange thing with the big stupid wheels aka ‘the 29’ner’ as he calls it, that circus bike belongs to the husband. :mrgreen:

    You see we have a bit of an ongoing banter/battle between us, as to ‘who’s got the better bike’, his argument is that his 29’ner is faster (to be fair it is, I’ll give him that) and that (he quotes) ‘the way forward’ apparently I have to ‘get with the times’.

    Although he did ask me if he could have a go on mine next time we are out on the trails after we’d got back to the car on Sunday, I think he’s a little curious, he says he wants to see of there is much difference in the handling etc.

    Personally, I recon he might have just realised that MY Voodoo is actually better than his *coughs* question is, should I let him find out? I mean lets face it, seeing the look of sheer disappointment when gets back on his own would be highly satisfying, on the other hand, I could of course point blank refuse and simply toy with the fact he’ll never really know and leave that element of curiosity in his mind forever more. :lol:
  • moliveukmoliveuk Posts: 9
    welcome to the voodoo clan, hope your enjoying it

    I got my hoodoo while back , really good bike for the spec it has on, and the maxxis tires on them are brilliant. for a bike from halfords i would have to say am impressed due to the amount of Apollos i uses to destroy whilst i was a teenager.
    after doing my research and (the partner saying not allowed to spend 2k on a new bike as getting back into mtb) even allowed halford to build it, against my judgement, but after i checked bike over, and slightly adjusted the rear derailleur. took it for a epic ride and what a bike for the price, couldn't fault it. could handle the trails spot and on the roads was impressive. personally i want to make the front end slightly lighter, with tad longer bars ( just haven't got round to it). but overall i love the looks and feel would defiantly recommend it to others, that want to get into mtb
  • phippskiphippski Posts: 17
    I agree its fantastic value. Thinking of getting a charge scoop seat. Can't decide between white or black/red. White grips will follow as well.
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