The non-lie-in Saturdaybthread

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Morning pests,

Work bright(ish) and early for me as full team training 9-6. There will be lots of food, just a shame there are no hotties. Off tomorrow so will be watching the footy tonight with a few beers then possibly a ride tomorrow.



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    Morning all,

    My 5 hour 'nap' yesterday afternoon came back to haunt me today as I've been up since 6 for no reason!! My boy isn't even awake yet :x

    Anyway, cold/fever thingy feels slightly better so ill hopefully get out on the bike tomorrow.

    Other than that it's a trip to Cardiff to meet some friends for lunch.

    Laters :)
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    Swimming lessons done, car packed and now off for the Shropshire highland challenge tomorrow. Camping there tonight, so I've packed a canoe and a football - hope the wife has rememberd everything else :)
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    I had a lie in, am I allowed in this thread?
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    Swimming lessons also done here as are the 18 goody bags and lunch bags for my little girls party this afternoon, all we have to cope with now is the 18 over excited six year olds :shock:
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    Afternoon Losers!

    Stayed up late last night playing a board game about zombies. Was very cool (I won) but went on a lot longer than we all anticipated.
    This morning I had my Music Theory exam. No questions about James Blunt, but I think I did ok regardless. Have to wait a few weeks now for results. I was by far the oldest person there by about 15 years haha

    Is it Father's Day tomorrow? I hate that. Better get a card though.

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    Afternoon Gimps,

    Tired - watched the late footy last night. Got loads done this morning while the wife n kids were out, so The Panzer is now fettled and I've got the suspension setting sorted for next weeks Wales trip. BBQ later at a mates house then another evening of footy. And alcohol.
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    Veronese68 wrote:
    I had a lie in, am I allowed in this thread?

    Sure, but you have to stay in the corner and be quiet