Worn chain?

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My DA9000 chain has done 1000 miles or so and the Park Tools CC2 chain checker (new) is seemingly indicating that it needs replacing.
Its showing 0.5% and 0.75% in the window (ie inbetween the readings), on my other bike with 105 a 1000 mile old KMC X10L is showing 0.5% exactly.

Park state;
The CC-2 is 10- and 11-speed compatible. For the modern 9- and 10-speed chains, replace chain at or just before the 0.75% readings. For the 11-speed chain, replace at or just before the 0.5% reading.

Having just got a new cassette (Chorus) i'm wondering if its just best to change it! (KMC X11L probably).
Cheers, Stu


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    use a 12" ruler instead of a chain gauge, it'll be more accurate
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