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Help me choose a bike for under £300!

liamjfliamjf Posts: 6
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Apologies for yet another "what bike" thread and for the lack of funds but £300 is really my limit.
Tried to do a bit of research so don't sound like a complete idiot but possibly more confused than when I started!
Everyone seems to recommend the Red Triban 3 but of course they don't make them anymore. Decathlon also don't have any white Triban 3s anymore which I like the look of and the tripe gearset seems good (50/39/30) but of course, can't get one atm (and maybe never will as it will be replaced by a newer more expensive model?) and I don't live near a Decathlon store (I'm on south coast)
Halfords is obvious choice and the Carerra TDF for £300 seems ok and has 8 speed Claris Shiminano cassette but some people seem to have an issue with the high gearing? (52/42)
A curve ball might be that my local branch have a Carerra Zelos 2014 Ltd which is now discontinued for £200. Would give me money for lock, shorts, new tyres etc. Has older Tourney 7 speed cassette but better gearing (50/34? not certain) and lighter frame?
Strangely, having sat on both the Carerras in the shop the 51cm Zelos is fine and is basically the same height as the 54cm TDF which doesn't give me confidence in ordering anything online with the right size. (i'm 5'7" with 30" crotch btw)
Also like the look of the Giro 200 which I've seen for £270 which seems almost identical spec to the Ltd Zelos.
Would also like the possibility of adding mud guards and/or some osort of rack/pannier at some point. Don't know if that rules any out?

BTW, plan to use bike to keep fit and so ride for about 1 hour twice a week (not sure what distance that equates to - guess it's pretty much down to my speed!) and not climb any mountains or cycle to Paris.

Many thanks in advance for any advice.

Cheers, Liam.


  • liamjfliamjf Posts: 6
    Hi, quick update in case any one feels like helping!

    I've reserved a new boxed Carerra Zelos 2014 Ltd for £200 from Halfords but on doing that I discovered that Decathlon have more White Triban 3s in stock which will cost me £315 (once you add postage)

    I know the Triban is better, but is it that much better and would I notice a difference?

    Cheers, Liam.
  • dombhoydombhoy Posts: 147
    If you are a size 56 then you can get a mekk pinerolo from Rutland cycling for 369 it's a bike that's received amazing reviews and 5 star by bikerDar if I remember correctly
  • liamjfliamjf Posts: 6
    Thanks, but pretty sure I'm a 53/54
  • liamjfliamjf Posts: 6
    Seems like I should have joined a different forum....

    Anyone offer any advice?

  • rickeverettrickeverett Posts: 988
    liamjf wrote:
    Seems like I should have joined a different forum....

    Anyone offer any advice?


    TBH you have basically covered your options.

    Usually best to spend more OR buy a well looked after second hand bike that usually offers you a better group set and frame etc for the money. ... &_udhi=300
  • junglist_mattyjunglist_matty Posts: 1,731
    A friend of mine got the Zelos last year, he's happy with it, it's ideal for what he uses the bike for, which is a 9mile (each way) commute a few times each week and the very occasional 30,40 or 50 miler at the weekend.

    His is still going strong after just over a year, it looks better than the TDF, for £200, it's pretty decent value IMO.
  • DownwardDownward Posts: 179
    Go 2nd hand
    Sold my Trek 1.5 2010 for £300. 1500 miles and the chain, cassette, brake pads and Tyres were 250 miles old. Great bike

    Put an ad on here.
  • mitchgixer6mitchgixer6 Posts: 729
    Halfords have money off the Carrera Tdf bikes just now, might be worth a look.
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