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Caad8 frame worth upgrading ?

TjgoodhewTjgoodhew Posts: 628
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Simple question.

Is it worth upgrading some of the parts on my Caad8 currently with 10 speed Tiagra ? Is the frame good enough to warrant a higher groupset ?

Its about 3000 miles old and other than the wheels (now Zondas with GP4000s) and a new Ultegra Chain, everything else is stock. Everything currently works fine and nothing is damaged and the bike has been very well looked after

My thoughts were to look at gradually upgrading the groupset to Ultegra from the classifieds and ebay and then maybe swapping bars and seat post for carbon.
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  • ianbarianbar Posts: 1,354
    i have a caad8, its pretty much my turbo and winter bike now, its tiagra too my main bike 105, i personally think i will move the 105 group to the caad as i may go 11sp on my main bike.
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  • iPeteiPete Posts: 6,076

    Whilst mine is nearly all Ultegra, this is because I wore everything out.
  • dean7879dean7879 Posts: 127
    i have the caad 8 and its a great frame. i would put some better wheels on it but not much else. Just save for another bike and use the caad 8 for winter. The tiagra will serve you well enough
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