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Discreet cycling tops?

CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
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I've been cycling all my life and generally wear loose 'normal' clothing (e.g. Combat style shorts). The problem is I get rather hot. Not helped by a fellow cyclist recently heckling me and telling me that "It's cold. You should get yourself a jacket! " (I actually had one in my pannier).

My commute is 20 miles so I've decided that I can justify investing in some 'proper' cycling gear. I already have the shorts but I'm struggling with the top. While I don't really care what I look like I don't really want to look like I have "all the gear and no idea" - after all I am generally just cycling from one place to another. I've also got to walk through my office and past managers to get to the showers so I'd rather it wasn't too fitted/exposed.

Amy ideas? Thanks.


  • msmancuniamsmancunia Posts: 1,457
    Depends on what you want it for and budget I guess, but dhb from Wiggle do some basic, plain short sleeved and long sleeved jerseys that are fine and decently sized. I'd stay away from Altura as if you're commuting and wearing them regularly they tend to fall apart at the seams.

    If you don't want to go for the classic cycle jersey look, and you don't need back pockets, have a look at their running tops - they'll be just like t-shirts but made from material that will keep you cool and wick away sweat. Dhb merino base layers for winter are also really good, although hopefully it will be a while before we need them again :)
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  • I recently started cycling to work and I know what you mean about walking through in your gear before you get a shower. However, I've decided that I really don't care cos nothing is going to stop me from feeling awesome about cycling to work.
    Not really helpful towards your actual query but just wanted to remind you that you're doing a good thing and should feel pretty smug when you're walking through the office.
  • PezzlePezzle Posts: 27
    Vulpine have some nice cafe jersey style bike tops for ladies. Give them a look.
  • CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
    Thanks. I think the problem is that I tend only to cycle as a means of transport, albeit an enjoyable one, so I feel a bit daft in the full cycling getup. In my head that's reserved for people so spend their weekends cycling for hours to end up back where they started (although I probably would given the chance).
  • KajjalKajjal Posts: 3,404
    I got got some gore mens contest short sleeved jerseys at half price recently and they have been really good. Light, cool and not fitted like a sail but also not overly tight. They also come up fine in a quick 15 minute wash and dry very quickly. Come in various colours and don't look too gaudy like some cycling tops do.

    If you look around you may find something similar for ladies reduced in the current sales. It just depends on the size.
  • PezzlePezzle Posts: 27
    Vulpine gear is set up around the city cyclist not the weekend warrior. I'll make it easy for you to have a look.
  • CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
    Thanks all.

    I'm just confusing myself. While I don't feel like a true cyclist - not tending to go further than my 20 mile commute. I'm not sure that completely 'normal' looking clothes are quite right either. After all I am riding a shiny road bike.
  • PezzlePezzle Posts: 27
    :D bless you sound like me. If you cycle 20 miles a day as your commute then your a proper cyclist. And you can wear what you like IMHO as long as you are comfortable. Stuff anyone else and what they think. Ride it like you stole it 8)
  • CyclumCyclum Posts: 104
    Thanks. I suppose it's a fair cycle compared to some. Certainly too far too rock up in my clothes for the day.

    I had bought a couple of cheap cycling tops from Sports Direct. I think it might just be that I don't really like the tops I bought rather than that I don't like cycling tops per se. I've just ordered another one that isn't a cheap insipid pink colour to see how that feels.

    It seems so daft to be worrying about what to wear but I want a comfortable ride but without feeling self-conscious when I get to my destination - I genuinely don't care while I'm cycling past people that I don't know.
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