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2014 Lapierre Zesty 427



  • AshW92AshW92 Posts: 67
    Proper Ride

    So after being either busy myself, my mates busy or a combination of the two i finally got the chance to go take it up to Gisburn on Friday for a proper thrashing, and all i can say is wow i forgot how good this bike was, so confidence inspiring when you chuck it into corners and over jumps. Managed to smash some PB's on most of the trails with it (I know people on here get funny about thinking a bike shouldn't make you faster, but compared to my old Kona Four this makes a huge difference), still fancying upgrading from the Formula's at some point, they lack the initial bite that i like, and do seem to fade towards the end of a good 2 hour ride (although this could just be the pads, but i'm looking at the new Shimano Saints anyway). Wheels have been ordered as a birthday present to myself so looking forward to getting them on and getting back out again soon

    Obligatory top of the Hope Line climb and Hully Gully picture's, next time i'm there i might try to get someone to take some pictures actually on trail


  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    The two places I usually stop for photos (ok, for a breather).
  • AshW92AshW92 Posts: 67
    mcnultycop wrote:
    The two places I usually stop for photos (ok, for a breather).

    Haha first one's definitely for a breather, the Hope Line climb is ridiculous! lol
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