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I've got a C2W bike coming so it now means I have to sell one of the fleet but which one? The fleet currently consists of:

Tricross Single: Single speed, alu frame and mini v brakes. Approx 4 years reliable service
PX Kaffenback: Cro-Mo frame with discs and if kept will be converted to SS.

Keep the Tricross and sell the Kaffenback or keep the Kaffenback and conver to SS with discs and then only need one spare set of wheels as the new bike is disc braked too.

Space in the short term isn't an issue for three bikes but will need to shift one before the year is out I think.
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    Alternatively, convert the Kaff to SS and keep both for a while. Then keep the one you prefer. Although the Kaff is probably worth more with gears and discs. But you could sell the brifters off the Kaff separately.
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    why will you need to shift one if (short term) space isn't an issue ... if it's pressure from the other half then make noises to indicate that you'll sell one, perhaps even put it out of the way and advertise it for a sum that it won't sell for. When it doesn't sell you can then announce that it's worth more than the probable selling price to you as spares. Then promptly set it up for a different sort of ride to the others and start using it again ...

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    With Vero, convert the Kaff to SS (as cheapely as possible to start with), choose to keep which you prefer and then sell whatever you decide not to keep.
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  • redvee
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    Was already thinking of keeping the Kaff in SS form as I've already got the parts plus the frame and some of the parts are only a year/500 miles old. Think the Kaff will stay.
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    You want to sell me the Kaff for next to nothing? Why that's a very kind offer, I gladly accept ;-)
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    If you need long term storage for the Tricross I know of a garage that could accommodate it ... and it'd have a friend ... ;)
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