2011 Stumpy Evo

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After stripping down and selling all but the wheels from my Camber I was on the look out for a harder hitting trail bike that would be as good uphill as it was down. As much as I loved the camber it was starting to show it's Xc side a bit on my local DH tracks (Gawton for those that know) and what with me weighing in at a hefty 15st I didn't want to break it so it had to go.

I spotted this frame going cheap and after I had read the reviews I jumped at the chance to get it, loved the fact that the head angle was slacker and that it was said to feel like a mini DH bike as well as it being decent on the trails. Picked it up with the Fox rp23 rear shock, an XTR double front mech and 3 spare mech hangers for £240 which I thought was a bit of a bargain!!!! :D The only thing I didn't like was the PF30 pressfit bottom bracket but I found a Praxis to Shimano bottom bracket which has had rave reviews so one of those was on order immediately.

It's going to be setup as a 1x9, 36t front x 11-34 for the local riding I do most of the time then when I go away to Afan and Cwmcan I'll throw on the double front for the big up hills, been given a decent set of Deore cranks that will suffice for the odd weekend trip away.

The last week I've been sourcing some second hand parts and new where I've felt the need and now just waiting to order the final bits to get the build finished. Final parts to be ordered are some Xt stoppers, superstar non floating rotors, kmc gold chain and a charge spoon.

Only got a rolling shell going so far but I am loving the look of this thing already and I can't wait to ride it in anger :mrgreen:

The ridable spec will be -
2011 Stumpy Expert Evo with Fox rp23 145mm, tf tuned shock
2013 Rockshox Lyrik RC 170mm tapered
Saint M810/815 170mm cranks with 36t ring on Praxis bb and nukeproof elctron pedals
Saint 9sp rear mech on SLX cassette with SLX shifter and KMC gold chain
XT brakes on superstar saw rotors
Nukeproof warhed stem with El Gallo red single track bars and some new grips Ideas welcome
DT swiss CSW rim on DT swiss 20mm front hub
DT swiss 445D rim on Specialized QR rear hub (new wheelset will be on order when funds allow)Ideas welcome
Standard Spesh seat post with a charge spoon

And of course some pics otherwise it never happened right :wink:







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    Nice! I never realised a stumpy evo could take a 170 fork, should be properly slack though
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    Very. Nice. I've always loved Stumpy's. That's gonna be a blast to ride I should imagine.
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    ej2320 wrote:
    Nice! I never realised a stumpy evo could take a 170 fork, should be properly slack though

    It's not really meant too lol, but since its second hand and there will be no warrenty issues why not eh! long as it rides well it will be a riot!
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    ej2320 wrote:
    Nice! I never realised a stumpy evo could take a 170 fork, should be properly slack though

    It came with 150mm fox as standard and I've got the Lyrik setup at almost 20% sag so it's pretty much the same right :wink: given that it's a tapered steerer and the geometry it was born with even if it doesn't las long I bet it's going to be a lot a fun whilst it does :mrgreen:
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    Just waiting on delivery of the brakes from wiggle now. Can't flipping wait to get this finished and on the trails now!!!!

    Rear shock definitely needs a service soon, a quick diagnosis from RSF in Plymouth suggests I have oil in with the gas or vice versa as it's making a horrible wheezing noise when rebounding, also at 250psi in climb mode there is absolutely no difference to the compression rate so that's £75 on a service which will mean this bike owes me for around £700 all in, which I still think is pretty good for the bike I'll have :)
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    She's finished!!!!!!! :mrgreen: Taking her out to some local trails and jump spot to get a good feel of her over the weekend. Been around the estate a couple times and my god the Shimano brakes are a million times more responsive than my old elixir 3s on the Camber and I can now see how people are 1 finger brakers!!! Love it :D

  • And it's gone!!!!!

    Got offered £500 for the frame and shock so it got stripped down and I now have a 2011 Trek Scratch on it's way :D 3 frames and 2 extra inches of travel this year so far :mrgreen:
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    Let's see how long the trek lasts... :lol:
  • I think I have upgrade issues lol