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29er Tyres for Stans NoTubes Arch EX Rims

iLukeKendalliLukeKendall Posts: 160
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Okay, so this evening I was about to go for a ride to discover I had a puncture. Turns out some glass had burst the inner tube and gave me a slowie.

I managed to get the tyre half way back on, before spending an hour and a half trying to get this final section seated on the rim, snapping four tyre levers in the process. I've now given up as I'm out of usable levers.

The bead on the Continental X King ProTection tyres is an absolute censored to seat. It's far too stiff to get this final section on, as the rims seem a too wide for the tyre to stretch over. Once seated they ran perfectly.

So the question is...

1. Does anyone have any tips for mounting these tyres more easily?
2. Can anyone recommend low-profile tyres similar to X Kings that will actually seat on 29er Stans NoTubes Arch EX rims?!

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  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,904
    Yes - put the unseated bit downwards, push the opposite sides as deep as possible into the wells and use some of your weight to force the tyre round, like you are trying to squeeze the innards out of a big sausage. - hard in words, but there are videos online.
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  • CqcCqc Posts: 951
    Look up schwalbe marathon plus mounting tips into YouTube, good video
  • iLukeKendalliLukeKendall Posts: 160
    Thanks a lot for the advice guys.

    I followed Cqc's suggestion and watched that YouTube clip - the guys suggestion to force the bead into the centre of the rim and work around the wheel to make slack worked a treat. So much so I've got it on successfully twice now without any tyre levers as the first tube had been punctured from the forceful use of tyre levers!

    Now just left with two sore thumbs and three inner tubes to repair (one from glass, two from tyre-lever damage!).
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  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,258
    A splash of soapy water helps the tyrebead slip over the rim.
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  • BigStu2BigStu2 Posts: 794
    I'm running these rims on my Gyro and love 'em, Fitted with Schwalbe racing ralph 2.25's and they blow up to a healthy size, stuck a rocket ron on the front but its a scrawny little thing compared to the ralphs. Have just stuck them on my Unit as well, no probs mounting them, just the last 150mm you have to get a bit He-man with them but they pump up with a track pump.
    Everyone says "splash " a little soapy water around the bead, Dont do that, but a liquid soap and use a rag to wipe a thin layer around the bead, you already know how hard you have to work those thumbs to get it seated so why compound the problem with a slippery tire.
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