Tyres with vanity stripes bigger than 23mm?

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I like tyres with red vanity stripes, I also like a bigger tyre 28mm is good but I could fit a 35mm on the back and maybe even get away with a 42mm on the front if I really wanted to.

But I can't find any tyres with red stripes that are bigger than 23mm does anyone know where I might find a 28-32mm tyre in red?
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  • duckson
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    GP4000S II now come in 28mm....there is also red/black option but finding some might be another matter.
    Cheers, Stu
  • Father Faff
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    Are you sure there is a red/black option in 4000S II 28mm? There isn't in 25mm and Conti told me there wont be any 25mm red/black until next year.
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  • duckson
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    No i'm not sure!
    Cheers, Stu