Bontrager Ant+ Cadence Sensor problem

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Evening all,

Apologies if this has been covered before, but the search function hasn't been working for me all day.

Anyway, I got a Bontrager Ant+ Cadence Sensor to replace the Garmin own one (I went through 3, all failed within 6 months). I got it paired up no problem, but it very seldom senses the magnet. The alignment is correct, I just seem to have to angle the sensor so that it's almost touching the pedal before it actually senses the magnet.

Anyone had one of these and similar issues?



  • mr_evil
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    Are you sure the little line on the sensor is on the side towards the magnet, and aligned with it? If it is, then maybe try flipping the sensor around 180 degrees so the line is towards the wheel. Or maybe replace the magnet with a stronger rare-earth one (they conveniently stick to pedal spindles).