Cassette not fitting onto freehub

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Any ideas chaps?

Is supposed to be a shimano freehub, but my Sram cassette is not going on. Also tried a Tiagra one I had laying around.

It seems to stop at that bridge point



  • zx6man
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    Lined up the thin spline with the thin gap on the cassette?
  • dj58
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    Is it a new wheel, what make/type, I take it you ordered a Shimano compatible one, those splines do look a tad tall. Can you not check with the supplier to see if they have not sent you a Campy wheel by mistake?
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    It's a Corima aero+ wheelset.
    This is the freehub, looks exactly the same, says Shimano...but not working. ... -5104.html
  • TakeTurns
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    Well, just seen this one... ... 21183.html

    Perhaps it's not SRAM compatible then? By why the Tiagra 4600 doesn't work?
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    Just read on a review that...

    "One last note on the freehub: the Shimano pattern incorporates taller spines that are compatible with newer Shimano cassettes that have alloy carriers (ie 105 and above), but not SRAM red or cheaper/older Shimano cassettes lacking carriers."
  • dj58
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    There is a post on here somewhere which details the difference between the 10sp only freehub and the 8/9/10sp freehub. You want the 8/9/10sp freehub wheel, shouldn't be a problem to swop it seeing as you haven't used it.


  • andy_wrx
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    10sp only freehub

    SRAM won't fit, it doesn't handle the deeper splines, get a 105, Ultegra or DA cassette