Shorter bib shorts

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I am damn sure this has been covered but can't find it.
I am after some bib shorts that are not too long in the leg.
I am only 5'7" so don't need a long leg and I also don't subscribe to the Wiggins look. He may ride well but he looks ????? hmm.
I am more of a Sean Yates style chap.
Preferably mid price range. Indications of fit are also good.


  • TFC1
    TFC1 Posts: 62
    I found Extondo legs to be pretty short
  • Me too. Exteondo shorts are über comfy but make me feel like a 70s footballer (without the mullet!)
  • fast as fupp
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    short bibs are strictly BOYS TOWN GANG.
    'dont forget lads, one evertonian is worth twenty kopites'
  • bobinski
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    Shutt bibs are yatesy short. Try them. But be prepared to sport a hot pants kind of look :D