Problem adjusting BB7 brakes

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trying to tighten up the brakes after a couple of months riding my Planet X XLS.

I have no experience with disc brakes, so I've been following the advice at ... d-bb7.html

This works fine on the back wheel (although there is still a little more travel in the lever than I would like on a road bike, not sure if that's usual).

But, on the front wheel I have a problem in that the outer red adjuster wheel - i.e. the one furthest away from the wheel - seems to have no effect on the pad. It simply turns and turns, without tightening.

Like I said, I am entirely new to discs, and don't really know where to start, and searching hasn't helped.

Any ideas, please?

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  • simonj
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    The inner big red thing on the inside is for adjusting the inner pad, but I'm not sure the one on the outside does the same. On my mates BB5 to adjust the outer we had a barrel adjuster or loosen off the cable, pull a bit more through and then tighten. ... adjustment
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    You've probably screwed the outboard knob so far that the piston behind the pad has extended all the way out and come off it's thread and is just spinning. Usually happens if the outboard brake pad has worn down to a nubbin and can't be pushed out any further or if you've got the rotor sat too far to the other side of the caliper, forcing the outbound pad to 'over reach' in order to make contact with it.