SRAM Force deraillleur - repairable?

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There is side-to-side play in the derailleur. It's tight on the rear hanger so I think the bushing must be worn out. It's about 6-7 years so has had plenty of use. The result of this is that the chain jumps off the lower jockey wheel.

Anyone know if replacing this myself is possible? I couldn't see anything useful on the web.

I've just replaced the jockey wheels so it seems a shame to throw it out when the rest of it works okay.



  • sungod
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    not got force but it's the same principle as red, there's a split ring that you can unclip and then pull out the bolt and clean things up, but if it's worn you'll need to replace

    the replacement kit for force is 11.7515.035.000 (this is 2012, check the sram tech manual for the correct year just in case it changed)
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  • brit66
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    Thanks very much, great help. I'll take it apart and clean to see if that works first.