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What Bike is best

skinnydog1973skinnydog1973 Posts: 114
edited June 2014 in Road buying advice
Well it looks like i have decided on 2 bikes either scott foil 15 di2 2013 or the cannondale super six evo di2 2013 they are both nice bikes and i am going to go and give them a test ride, does anyone have either of these bikes and what are they like, my main aim is mostly for rides from 20-100 miles so comfort is needed cheers for any help


  • simonjsimonj Posts: 346
    If it were me, I'd pick the EVO, probably lighter by 1/3-1/2 kg, is quite compliant - foil is notoriously stiff, wheels are lighter - tubeless if that floats your boat, has a normal (rather than aero) seat post - so can be easily changed if wanted, it also has their hollowgram crank which are meant to be realy good. Just my of the cuff opinion. Best thing as you say is have a ride as only you can tell.
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